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Milky Way / Via Láctea

Deep within ones heart we all know each other – it’s just that we have forgotten each other while we enter earth. It is upto everyone however they wish to live their life here on this planet.

Each and every person is unique and each and every person has a part in the structure of life. It is up-to each and everyone to discover what part you play.  There are consequences to everything and as such every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  The law of actions and reaction only holds true whilst we exercise extremes.

As you read you will discover more and more about the mirrors of life that convey a message to your uniqueness.  The mirror of life is subjective and  conveys a different image or view to the owner of the reflection. We cannot interpret what it means for others other than offer possible explanations to the meaning behind the life mirrors.

I dedicate this site to discovering who I am, where I am heading and what role I play while here in the physical. I see the mirrors of life everywhere I walk, everywhere I put my attention. They lay a foundation toward the meaning of life for me and what purpose I shall carry out. As you will discover, the meaning cannot be categorized in one sentence or a page or even a whole book. We cannot, for the vastness is so vast.

I just ask that who ever you are look at life with full meaning. We must leave the mechanized world behind us to discover the Truths.  Only then can we see the path and the message and the various meaning(s) behind each and every action and reaction.

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