Our Universal journey

I highly recommend this book to all who wants to know what this reality is all about. Our journey here on this planet is to live life to its fullest. Understand the real reason why you’re here on this beautiful planet is perhaps your birth right as a Hu-Man. It is time to remove he veils that have blinded humanity and kept her in darkness.

For those who know not who George Kavassilas is then the best… Continue reading

The Word Diet is one of those words that has been hijacked by so called fitness fanatics to push people into consuming the wrong foods. Diet in my opinion is to eliminate the toxins from the body.

There is a saying: What you eat is what you are.
But what you eat also affects how you live on this world. Eating is not about getting pleasure of the tastes or the the fun of food. Eating is really about replenishing… Continue reading

I am going to re-publish this article here because I really like it the way evil has reigned for so long on this planet. It is not your average mumbo-jumbo religious talk here. You need to be well educated with evil and divinity to make heads or tails of it. To really understand this you really need to understand what real suffering is. This Person Dr. Chiappalone puts it really clearly for those with true minds to understand it and… Continue reading

An excerpt about Love:

One of the primary lessons we are learning has to do with love.  Love has been
vastly forgotten and missing here; and love that is not present in enough abundance
only leads to greater forgetfulness and also the inability to forgive. 

It is a lack of forgiveness that leads to forgetfulness and the lack of forgiveness is fundamentally related unto a loss or lack of love. 

Love is the primary vibration that envelops all in the… Continue reading

We bless you bigger than we know how. We hope you make the life choices that lead to an understanding of the creator that you are and that you are empowered to choose your dreams and choose your direction ahead; and choose to ascend into healthy biology that lives through the times of cleansing. Continue reading


Many of us who delve into philosophical, metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual concepts and notions often have to bear the scorn of ignorant sceptics.

If you find yourself in that situation, it will pay to remember this
discourse by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

“Knowing the whole truth, thou shouldst beware of  unsettling the minds of those not yet prepared to grasp it, as untimely teaching may drive from their work such as… Continue reading

You’ve Got To Listen To This

Tke Message

These are experiences that we wanted to have, we created our lives, every experience we had, we wanted to have it. It is about taking responsibility and not playing the blame game.
- George kavassilas

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