GFL High Council Of Orion Welcome beloved ones, once more we come to guide YOU through the veils of illusion to TRUTH. Many are now beginning to move towards TRUTH and we give much love and blessings to those who are now rejoicing in the “new”, for many have found the road to freedom that lives within each and every human BEing alive across the planet. For those who walk with illusion and are finding the struggle of the human life experience frustrating we… Continue reading Welcome beloveds, we come to guide and support at this time. We have guided words about duality yet we note that many are still pulled back into the illusion of separation. We come to guide and support and to once again help clear the veil of illusion around LOVE. Many are now beginning to wake up and realise that there is much more to the human life experience than they are being shown by the media, by society and… Continue reading Welcome beloved ones we are the high council of orion and we come to guide and support ALL at this time. We work closely with Archangel Michael in protecting and supporting ALL as many are being triggered by that which must be released so that the new may be born. Many are still walking in the darkness which is illusion and we guide ALL to detach and to look within. For to look within is to find the… Continue reading

Spiritual Guidance – More on the Veils of Illusion

Galactic Federation Of Light High Council Of Orion August 2011 Welcome dear ones, we come to help support and guide ALL at this time of heightened energies across the planet earth. For many the past 48 hours or so has resulted in a FEELing of increased energies and uncertainty. For those who are sensitive and of a higher vibration this has resulted in many cases of having excess energy that is difficult to work with. We guide ALL to begin to live from the heart and to begin to… Continue reading We come to assist ALL at this time and ask YOU to detach from illusion as YOU seek to elevate and then maintain a higher vibration. Many of you are seeking to uncover more and more levels of TRUTH and whilst we guide that this is part of the process of Ascension we guide that many are not allowing the absorption and processing of TRUTH to take place. Once more we guide that there is no race to… Continue reading

You’ve Got To Listen To This

Tke Message

Only by looking inward to the core of our being will we find this Supreme Godhead and our Supreme Self. You cannot connect to that Divinity by looking Out There. So all of these religions that say that Godhead is out there in heaven, and must be worshipped in such and such way, is nothing but a Grand Deception. Also we do not need anyone to act as the intermediary between us and the Supreme. This is all deception to control us and manipulate us. To take away our power and make us feel helpless and fallen. We must come to realize that everything we ever need or want is within us. Including all of the light, all of the love, all of the wisdom, and all of the codes of the Universe. This is the key to our ascension. This is the only way to truly awaken to our own Divinity.
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