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You’ve Got To Listen To This
Tke Message
Only by looking inward to the core of our being will we find this Supreme Godhead and our Supreme Self. You cannot connect to that Divinity by looking Out There. So all of these religions that say that Godhead is out there in heaven, and must be worshipped in such and such way, is nothing but a Grand Deception. Also we do not need anyone to act as the intermediary between us and the Supreme. This is all deception to control us and manipulate us. To take away our power and make us feel helpless and fallen. We must come to realize that everything we ever need or want is within us. Including all of the light, all of the love, all of the wisdom, and all of the codes of the Universe. This is the key to our ascension. This is the only way to truly awaken to our own Divinity.
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