Roger Morneau was involved in demon worship, lived in that world for many months, and escaped alive. He is able to give us inside information about it. It does not conform with popular notes of who parttakes and what the activities are. Roger was elected to be a member of an elite group of demon worshipers. When he was about to be permanently initiated he asked for help from higher powers to leave it alive. Interview with the famous author… Continue reading You know that much is changing in the world. You have wanted things to change for a very long time. Your discontent with the world’s status quo has been bubbling to the surface. It’s been a long process. Your feeling of discontent may feel new, sudden, or simply bigger than feelings that you remember having before. When you feel discontent more deeply than before, one reason is that you are experiencing the feeling with an expanded level of consciousness.… Continue reading

“This document began as a collection of knowing, a way to allow information to pass from my greater being, so that I could easily read and digest the streams of knowing, since they all seemed so much larger than life. Having the information just for myself would be fine, but I had a deep feeling there must be others that would also find it helpful in their own quests to unlock the information streams inside themselves. And so I decided… Continue reading

This is the original footage used for the fake reptilian video’s. Due to the poor internet speed and the video’s pixilation’s it was easy for someone to put into the pixilation’s whatever images they wanted. It is so obvious when you just stop and take a closer look. We could easily have taken this down but I chose to leave it on YouTube. We knew it was going to become controversial and people would end up saying all these horrible… Continue reading

This presentation has been created as a sequel to “Our Journey and the Grand Deception”. George reveals more behind the scenes information of which we are unaware that is critical in helping us in re-remembering who we all are and also in understanding what is actually occurring all around us. • What does the ascension of our Divine Mother Earth Sophia, and therefore the activation of her planetary Light Body, actually mean on a practical and physical level? • What… Continue reading

Esther Hicks channels Abraham.
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Clip from Abraham Hicks 2005 Tampa Florida seminar. All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For more information on Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks please visit their website: I get into the vortex when I am flying, my great airplane came from

You’ve Got To Listen To This

Tke Message

These are experiences that we wanted to have, we created our lives, every experience we had, we wanted to have it. It is about taking responsibility and not playing the blame game.
- George kavassilas

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