Our Universal journey

I highly recommend this book to all who wants to know what this reality is all about. Our journey here on this planet is to live life to its fullest. Understand the real reason why you’re here on this beautiful planet is perhaps your birth right as a Hu-Man. It is time to remove he veils that have blinded humanity and kept her in darkness.

For those who know not who George Kavassilas is then the best place is help yourself to some of his videos.

Never has there been a time where the collective Human consciousness has so reverently considered who all of us truly are, where we came from, what we are doing here and where we are heading.
This book answers the call revealing life’s greatest aspects, delivering this complex knowledge in a fashion that is simplistic, clear and resoundingly genuine, like a great and beautiful secret we already understand or know. A critical time requires a decisive book and this book will change the way in which people see, think and feel; not just about life, but also of themselves.

George Kavassilas Videos

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The world is not what it seems to be – I dare your brevity to step forward!

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Uncovering the Cosmic Connection

George Kavassilas – Our Universal Journey – The Big Picture
Our Journey Home

To the Person on the Journey of their Life

My personal journey into awakening started when I was just a teenager back in the 70s. It was a warm night when I gazed into the unknown universe in wonder and imagined what exists out there.

Every revelation of knowledge I’ve come upon was a stepping stone onto the next. It is at this moment that I bring every part of every knowledge so far amassed within and feel many things that George shares in his book to be in sync and also builds upon those that have been around to guide mankind into awakening.

George’s perspective of the Universe makes a lot of Sense. Whether you come from a spiritual background or one who has not ventured beyond the comfort zones, this book will enlighten you to find out who and what you are and how you became to be you and where you’re heading. You’re nothing less nor more than the next.

If you’re ready to raise yourself from the slumber of eternity and are open to new frontiers within your mind then you’re ready to jump right in and take a ride with George as he guides you through the Journey you have been on for eons.

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Our Universal journey – The Big Picture – George Kavassilas
George Kavassilas

You’ve Got To Listen To This
Tke Message
These are experiences that we wanted to have, we created our lives, every experience we had, we wanted to have it. It is about taking responsibility and not playing the blame game.
- George kavassilas
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