1. Adronis Adronis.org
  2. Hidden Lighthouse hiddenlighthouse.wordpress.com
  3. Cosmic Channelings Cosmicchannelings.com
  4. Project Avalon Forum projectavalon.net
  5. Ascen Press Ascendpress.org
  6. Crop Circle Connector Forum cropcircleconnector.com
  7. The Celestine Insights celestinevision.com
  8. Ashtar Command – Discussion Forum ashtarcommand.net
  9. Suzy Ward – Messages from Matthew matthewbooks.com
  10. Godlike Productions Forum godlikeproductions.com
  11. Light Workers Forum lightworkers.org
  12. AboveTopSecret.com Forum abovetopsecret.com
  13. David Icke Forum davidicke.com
  14. Divine Cosmos Forum divinecosmos.com
  15. PAO Connection tech.groups.yahoo.com
  16. The Universe According to Ra soulwise.net
  17. Alien Encyclopedia fortunecity.com
  18. Secrets of the Subterranean Cities soulwise.net
  19. The Law of One, “Earth History” lawofone.info
  20. Galactic Overview home.iae.nl
  21. Lightworker’s Spiritual Social Network lightworkers.org
  22. Ascension Transmissions ascendpress.org archives
  23. Crop Circle Connector cropcircleconnector.com
  24. Messages from the Hosts of Heaven operationterra.com
  25. Channeled Messages by Mike Quinsey treeofthegoldenlight.com
  26. Law of One – by topics lawofone.info
  27. Sheldan Nidle Archives paoweb.com
  28. Law of One – The Ra Channeling llresearch.org
  29. Coast to Coast AM with George Noory coasttocoastam.com
  30. Jeff Rense Program rense.com
  31. Farsight – Remote Viewing Nonprofit Research farsight.org
  32. George Green’s Website – No More Hoaxes nomorehoaxes.com
  33. Project Camelot projectcamelot.org
  34. Courtney Brown, Ph.D. courtneybrown.com
  35. Cosmic Awareness Communications cosmicawareness.org
  36. Disclose.tv – UFO Videos Aliens disclose.tv
  37. The Disclosure Project disclosureproject.org
  38. Operation Terra operationterra.com
  39. Concsious Media Network consciousmedianetwork.com
  40. ZetaTalk      zetatalk.com
  41. Alex Jones’ Infowars     infowars.com
  42. Out There TV News     outtheretv.com
  43. Planetary Activation Organization     paoweb.com
  44. Divine Cosmos – David Wilcock’s Website     divinecosmos.com
  45. Cosmic Awareness – The Master File     home.iae.nl
  46. Awakening Your Light Body Course www.orindaben.com
  47. The Flying Buffaloes http://www.flyingbuffaloes7.net/
  48. XeeaTwelve  www.xeeatwelve.com
  49. Dr.J.Chiappalone http://www.jchiappalone.com/page2.php
  50. 4TruthSeekers http://www.4truthseekers.org

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You’ve Got To Listen To This

Tke Message

Only by looking inward to the core of our being will we find this Supreme Godhead and our Supreme Self. You cannot connect to that Divinity by looking Out There. So all of these religions that say that Godhead is out there in heaven, and must be worshipped in such and such way, is nothing but a Grand Deception. Also we do not need anyone to act as the intermediary between us and the Supreme. This is all deception to control us and manipulate us. To take away our power and make us feel helpless and fallen. We must come to realize that everything we ever need or want is within us. Including all of the light, all of the love, all of the wisdom, and all of the codes of the Universe. This is the key to our ascension. This is the only way to truly awaken to our own Divinity.
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